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Kimmage: It’s about our profession journalism


It’s growing and growing… 45.000 44.000 US-Dollar nach einer Woche. Ein Statement.

[Alle Infos zur Finanzierung und Direktlink zum Defense Fund]

Ich habe Kimmage gefragt. Braucht er noch mehr Geld?

Die Crowd spendet nicht nur. Sie wird auch kreativ. Zum Teil heftig schwarz.

Am Samstag ist dieser Text von mir in Printform erschienen. Zuvor habe ich für 15 Minuten mit Paul Kimmage telefoniert. Ein paar Aussagen zitiere ich hier. Sorry, sind bestimmt ein paar Transkriptionsfehler drin.

When the summons arrived last week. I felt, that would be a very lonely battle. I wasn’t sure, how I would go to conduct that battle, because I didn’t have legal representation and actually I’m employed at the moment. I didn’t have the money to engage proper lawyers and certainley this defense fund was set up. People startet donating to this. With a week now I feel completely different. Last week I was a little bit worried, frustrated, Now I feel completely energized and have the possipility to go to Switzerland and conduct the proper defense.

When they sent me the compliance of the summons it lists the home addresses of Verbruggen and McQuaid. I think each have a five minutes drive to go to the court room, which is really, really convenient for them. I wish I could organize my life conveniently as they could get organize theirs. Mabye that’s it. That’s where they live. That’s where they feel they get the best hearing. The only thing I do know is, that it is much more unconvilent for me then for them.

Yes, this is not about Paul Kimmage. This is not about me. It’s about our profession journalism. Trying to stop journalism. Trying to stop what we do. I could understand the interests, which are generated. They donations from people which are taking their hand in the pocket are not for me, because of them. Because of the way the sport is wrong. Because of the way the doping controls are out of control. I am just the conduit for their frustration.

I know there are some close friends of mine. They have donated for me, but that would be a very small number of people. Outside of those it’s totally a expression of frustration against the UCI. That’s what they money is for.

For me it’s a sad reflection on the state of the sport, how bad the problem is… after all of these scandals. Puerto, Festina scandal, now the Armstrong case. That riders are still terrified. No voice. A honest opinion about this. They reason that they are afraid is exactly what is happening to me. I stand up and I write these interviews and critized these people and this is how they response to that. They response with a legal case. All of the people within cycling can identify with that. They unterstand exactly, but they need to step a line here.

Hat er gegen die Anwälte der UCI eine Chance?

I think I have a great chance… The bottom line here is… it’s the truth. I sincerely believe that what we said is the truth. When you got the truth on your side, you have a great chance.

Nächstes Jahr möchte McQuaid seine Amtszeit als Präsident des Radsportweltverbandes um weitere 4 Jahre verlängern.

All the hope I got that those people in position to implement change in the sport. Not all in that position. I would hope that they will take that on board. Have a look on what is happening now and what happened for the last 20 years. The chance is neccessary for the sport to move on. To finally begin to resolve this doping problem.

Am 12. Dezember beginnt die Anhörung. Der Prozess wird sich sehr wahrscheinlich ein paar Tage ziehen. Allein McQuaid und Verbruggen haben sieben Zeugen berufen. Wen Kimmage mitbringt, weiß er wohl selbst noch nicht. Ich habe mir die Tage im Kalender freigehalten, plane den Prozess vor Ort zu begleiten. Leider steht noch nicht fest, ob das Ding öffentlich ausgetragen wird. Davon mache ich meine finale Entscheidung abhängig. Flug, Mietwagen, Unterkunft. Ist auch für mich eine finanzielle Frage.

Und weiterspenden.

[Update 1.10.2012]

Nach einer guten Woche Spende und Diskussion meldet sich die UCI zu Wort (Mail 17:40 Uhr, mittlerweile auch online).

In response to questions concerning why almost one year ago the UCI initiated a court case against Paul Kimmage, the UCI wishes to issue the following clarification.

Mr Kimmage had made false accusations that defamed the UCI and its Presidents, and which tarnished their integrity and reputation.

Mr Kimmage is free to express and make public his opinions within the limits of the law and of the truth.

False accusations are unacceptable and unlawful and the UCI will defend itself against all such accusations as any other citizen or entity has the right to do.

The case against Mr Kimmage is limited to false accusations and does not concern other opinions of Mr Kimmage. The case is based upon the protection of the personality rights. Under the applicable Swiss law such case is directed against the person who made the defamatory statements. In this case this person is Mr Kimmage.

UCI Communication Service